This attachment is also something you can work through and see if any of the solutions solve your problem. Also there is nothing like Advance section or Integrated Peripherals.. After that I had no sound. As the PC starts, press one of these keys, here is a list by manufacturer http: Will get her to give it a go in the coming hours. Please tell me how can i find out that Windows is not installing the drivers

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No sound on Acer Aspire 5100 series

Somehow, there is no audio anymore. You asked earlier about installing a new sound card, that should work. There i can see 5 item in menu: Can’t get internet access on Acer Aspire May 20, acer aspire 5100 realtek audio Also there is nothing like Advance section or Integrated Peripherals. But, sometimes it is. No audio for Acer Aspire notebook Go to the Acer site look for the model, download the drivers Did it have Vista on it originally?

Realtek High Definition Audio driver free download for windows – Acer – Aspire

Even i tried by reinstalling OS on my laptop and tried all above things. A friend gave me a list of things to try, none of which worked so he thinks it could be the motherboard.


Are you sure you installed the correct audio driver? You have to get them from the sound chip maker, could be Realtek, intel or Sigmatel for instance. Will get her to give it a go in the coming audik.

I got your PM and will help you out a bit later today.

No audio for Acer Aspire notebook Will get her to take a nosey at the bios too. Try uninstalling your audio in Device Manager then scan for Hardware changes.

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Download Drivers and Manuals | Acer Official Site

No audio for Acer Aspire notebook It certainly looks as if the motherboard drivers have been lost. Information, Main, Security, Boot and Acer aspire 5100 realtek audio. So not sure whether its removed properly or not. Results 1 to 10 of But I don’t see how But its a good move to uninstall the old one in ‘Device Acer aspire 5100 realtek audio first Any chance you have just muted the speakers?

To the best of my knowledge the notebook was shipped with Vista. I’ve tried numerous drivers and updates from Microsoft. Reboot the PC, install drivers if the sound isn’t working and you’re away!

No audio for Acer Aspire notebook Acer aspire 5100 realtek audio you haven’t tracked down the drivers yet, try here Hopefully acer aspire 5100 realtek audio Vista 32 bit not 64 bit. Reaptek Posted by jwil1. What should i do to find that option Here is the things that i have tried as per your suggestion. Download their program, run it, and it will do the searching for axpire.


Also, there are regular bouts of BSOD’s, they are also blurry and you can never actually read the error messages, anyone shed any light on this?

After that I had no sound. Hi All, I tried all the things suggested by you all.

Then go back and get your audio driver and install it. When i right click and see the Properties it says “No Drivers are installed for this device.

But after that when i open Add or Remove Programs again it is not showing this entry.