Creativity sort by value. Unfortunately, as is often common in laptops with an optical drive, all ports have been placed on the front sides of the E5. A solid-state disk from Hynix serves as the system drive. We did not discover any quality shortcomings. The fan in Acer’s Aspire EG always spun even in idle mode system cooling guideline: At most, the user might hear the very quiet whirring of the 2. The gaps are even, and there are no protruding edges.

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The black level of 0.

The ClickPad with its keyless design is decently sized and does not give much reason for complaint. However, it is astonishing that the TN screen in Asus’ laptop can keep up so well with the actually higher-quality IPS screen in the Nitro. Both screens produce backlight flicker due to pulse width modulation, but our current test device flickers at a frequency of Hz, which is a significantly higher number than we measured on its sister model.

The relatively thick lid is neither particularly robust nor pressure resistant. Our EG presented a slightly above average, but not exceptional reception performance. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible but we intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Home Score Accelerated v2 sort by value.


Acer has chosen a Gen 1 port instead. There should be no flickering or PWM above this brightness setting.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Read 4k sort by value. CPU Multi 64Bit sort by value. Voltcraft sl 15 cm distance. The price that Acer ultimately demands for its Aspire EG will certainly be a decisive factor for choosing one of the devices in the tester’s opinion, and probably in the opinion of many readers. The new ULV quad-core processor provides plenty of power.

The performance level cannot be called consistent, but should not deter sapire – the SSD is important. Battery Runtime – WiFi v1.

The laptop’s very good scores in the PCMark benchmarks attest to its ability to run programs beyond the realm of office and internet-related applications. Even with its high-performance hardware, it offers a long battery life.

However, subjectively, this is not noticeable.

ACER Aspire 5543NWXCi, 5543NWXMi Notebook & Laptop

In idle mode, we measured a maximum energy consumption rate of 9. Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit.

Heavy multitasking with multiple Chrome tabs and programs running in the background were no challenge for Acer’s laptop. It is not possible to improve the computer’s overall performance — Acer has already maximized the machine’s performance power.

Acer Aspire EG Notebook Review – Reviews

It can also easily cope with more demanding tasks, such as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Creativity sspire by value. The Swift 3 lasted 8: Subjectively, black still looks rich, even in high brightness settings. A solid-state disk and powerful Core i5 processor ensure a fast running system. Therefore, we do not know, for example, whether our review sample will bear another name than Aspire EGVP, and its price is not at all clear.


We got our hands on the 4K model of the Swift 3 Acer believes that a VGA-out for connecting older monitors and projectors should not be omitted from this model, and adds the more important HDMI, making it possible to use up to two external monitors simultaneously.

When comparing the power consumption of the three test laptops, it quickly becomes evident that the watt CPU in the Nitro is in the rather power-hungry unit.

We cannot complain about screen bleeding or clouding on an absolutely black screen RGB: In order to maintain the TDP of 15 watts even with four cores, the processor runs at a significantly lower base clock speed than its dual-core siblings.