The notebook behaves pleasantly quiet here, except for a short speed increase. Temperature and noise development are fully acceptable, particularly in idle mode. Acer Aspire G Series Processor: Unfortunately, cutbacks have been made on the memory bus. The colors look fairly pallid and the picture makes a rather undifferentiated impression. Moreover, the separated keys — with exception of the arrow keys — are well sized and cleverly arranged.

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Disk data transfer rate. The Radeon HD M’s performance is on par.

The Aspire G fails completely faced with the extremely graphical demanding first-person shooter, Metro Games are drowned out in quieter scenes.

The so-called Hyper Threading technology is rather more interesting for professional aced than for gamers. This is one big laptop. Touchpad Theoretically, acer aspire 8950g Aspire G’s touchpad has an interesting factor.

We could provoke a slight yielding only under stronger pressure.

Acer aspire 8950g faster notebooks with higher quality displays are available for the same money e. Numerous color 8590g design transitions acer aspire 8950g the 18 incher with a fresh and unique exterior.


Acer has placed the majority of interfaces so far front that the elbowroom on the sides suffers considerably when many cables are connected. Is a price of euros justified? Acer has installed a 5.

Acer’s beautiful behemoth blends style and power like few other desktop replacements. That would mainly be the company own predecessors in the 18 inch field. Acer Aspire G Series Processor: There would also have been a lot more possible in terms of gaming performance.

This account is just as true acer aspire 8950g BluRay rendering, whereas two hours and 50 minutes are exactly 20 minutes less.

Acer Aspire G Series – External Reviews

Cinebench Acer aspire 8950g Shading 32Bit. High details, 4xAA and a resolution of x are rendered fairly smooth with The four arrow keys are extremely narrow. Acer actually should have discovered such a problem in the run up. Gamers will mainly be happy about DirectX 11 support. We’ve added this product to our database but acer aspire 8950g haven’t aspirf tested it yet.

MacBook Pro 17 grid.

Although Acer has waived on manual switching between the incorporated and dedicated graphics unit, the Aspire G’s battery runtimes are above average.


BatteryEater’s Classic Test stopped after only just 61 minutes with maximum brightness and disabled energy saving options. In place of a fifth USB 2. Movies and games lose too much of their atmosphere without a good external acer aspire 8950g. Fifa 11 isn’t a problem for the Radeon Acer aspire 8950g M thanks to its aceer hardware requirements.

This doesn’t only have an adverse effect on the boot time and the responsiveness immediately after the start, but also acer aspire 8950g annoys with pop ups. Two speakers hide on the bottom.

The Buyer’s Guide

In terms of features, the Acer aspire 8950g HD M — manufactured in a 40nm structure width — is up-to-date. Unfortunately, a vast amount of flaws dim the otherwise positive overall impression. Acer Aspire G Average Score: