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History papers

24 Mar 2016Essay Writing Guides


It may seem that commencing to write a research / historical analysis paper is an overwhelming task. One reason for that is because we usually begin to conduct a survey on a historical even after it  happened which means that we are not able to assess the thing from our perspective and also we cannot know the event, its background and consequences from the inside out. Another obstacle for writing of such kinds of papers is an abundance of literature sources that we are not able to read on a full scale. History is all about interpretation and selection and one needs to be preferential in choosing data and information.


How to make a good and elaborated structure for the History paper

Many students ask how to do a history research paper, here is the answer!

  1. Title. Choose an interesting title for your work that will provoke further discussion and raise some thought-provoking questions.
  2. Introduction. The introduction part must be capturing and engaging to attract reader's attention. Do not digress from the main point. State what you are going to analyze and put arguments that will convince the audience to proceed to read your paper.
  3. Body. In the body paragraph, you go deeper into the subject. Present relevant sources that you used and state your hypotheses, interpretations and withdraw the results. Tell why you are for or against some point of view. Marshal your line of argument in a proper and coherent way.
  4. Conclusion. This is the part where you iterate in the memory of the reader all the essential concepts that were mentioned in the paper as well as results that you got with the future possibilities of discovering that more.

Useful pieces of advice for writing a paper on History

  1. State your information in the past tense. Unlike other types of papers, the subject of this paper is history that has already passed.
  2. Refer to already existing materials like Sociology Papers, Dissertation Conclusion, history papers on slavery, us history research paper historical analysis paper, history sample papers class 12th, sample family history paper etc to carve a brilliant paper of your own.
  3. Be precise, do not reiterate unnecessary information and do not make obscure and vague generalizations.
  4. Step by step proceed from one year to another. There is no need to  jumble from one year to the other without sticking to a chronological order.
  5. Most times turn to primary sources!
  6. Use less quotes. Try to paraphrase some statements.
  7. Always view all the events in the historical context of the epoch. There is always a background and prerequisites for diverse types of events.
  8. Provide the essential supplemental information in parenthesis.
  9. Adhere to formal style in writing. Use conversational cliches to start your paragraphs.
  10. Re-read and check your completed work several times.

Common mistakes often made by students

  • Giving information in the literary present.
  • The use of colloquialisms.
  • All the text is based on judgments rather than understanding and interpreting.
  • The overwhelming quantity of cited material without personal interpretation and understanding.
  • Usage of the first person and second person singular (I, you).
  • Starting writing without a preliminary search.

Possible topics for a History paper

"Great Napoleon's army on the Berezina: Event - Memory"

"The history of theological education in Early Byzantium"

"The myth of the Amazons and its development in the ancient tradition"

"Relationship of the Hellenic Republic with the Black Sea countries"

"Enemies and allies in the perception of the British during the First World War"

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