What determines whether the performance change is for the better or the worse is the custom fitting process, where the club spec. However until we can measure the loft and face angle in each of the 15 connector settings there is no way at present to confirm their claims. The face angles can be open, shut or neutral to promote a fade or draw as well as compensate for a hook or slice. Face Angle Ok, so closed is right and open is left? Not being restricted by a space suit of course. This series also incorporates High Modulus, premium Ton hybrid pre-preg infused with tungsten powder in targeted positions throughout the shaft.

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Does the Nike VRS Covert driver require custom fitting?

We went away and took a huge amount of feedback from golf professionals and retailers all over the world, not just whether they would be interested in the product, but what the product needs to do. I have a new drive And will seriously find some playing time. Last edited by srixon 1; May at It’s important to know what your ball is doing in how to adjust a nike vrs air to find the correct fix for your swing. Ok, can I clarify what it means when you can adjust the Loft and Face Angle on some of these Drivers, woods and hybrids.

Last Drivers  V9400-X TD 128M A DRIVER

Searching for a particular shaft now after hitting the Covert. According to the Rules of Golf, any club with movable parts, such how to adjust a nike vrs the Nike STR8-Fit driver, can only be used in tournaments if all alterations have been made prior to each round and no changes are made during the rounds. Hi, I have recently bought an Nike covert driver with adjustable head. Job done you might think.

My 3w, 5w and 4h are starting to be really consistent and long, but I am still having issues with my driver, mainly with slicing. Save your draft before refreshing this page.

Geoff Callow Feb 18, at 6: A driver with exciting new technology like the Nike VRS Covert does have the potential to improve your game. You can learn adjst about Hole More Putts on the company website. Now, Nike says they moves COG forward, thus making the club more forgiving.

With this rather limited information he may feel he can now recommend a flex. Does your hand size merit a standard size grip?


Cure the fault, not find an Elastoplast fix. All times are GMT. Originally Posted by HomerJSimpson.

Does the Nike VRS Covert driver require custom fitting? | Applied Golf Technology

They got into golf and paid the two biggest names because golf is full of weekend dreamers who think that buying a shiny driver is their path to lower scores.

If not why not? Just someone please explains physics part to me. Someone explains physics to me.

Everything you want to know about the Nike Covert Driver

Because any equipment change has the potential to improve your game. Kris Jan 29, at 2: These manufacturers are marketing to people that are in search of the wrong things.

The stock shaft is a Kuro Kage but you still have to decide on shaft flex. Equipment 3 weeks ago. How do I hit a draw with my driver while playing golf?

The Open Championship. Equipment 2 weeks ago.