Indeed, none of them supplied a source of strength for Thebes at all. The thought of destruction in 2: The fittings of the chariots flash like fire on the day they are prepared, and the spears of cypress have been brandished. Other literary features in this section include merismus v. Indeed, the Lord had a personal word for each of the parties involved. See also the discussion under the literary background of the book.

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The satirical tone chherriot Juvenalian. Can I kill and bring back to life? Word,pp. Yahweh is better than a fortress in time of distress; he recognises those who trust in him even when the flood rushes on.

Here again a notable crux occurs. Who destroys the plotters 1: As a substantive it is used of a watchman, one usually stationed on a wall, whose duties included that of informing his superiors of impending danger e. Jerusalem itself lay in ashes before the onslaught of Nebuchadnezzar, who, having besieged the city three times, took huge booty and a long train of captives with him to Babylon.

As Nahum approaches the end of his prophecy he changes the figure one last time.


Doubleday,2: His way is in the whirlwind and the storm, and clouds are the dust of His feet. What does “recount” in verse 5 mean? The Revelation given through John pictures the joy of heaven at the proclamation of that great wedding supper of the Lamb for His waiting cherriog The answer is a resounding negative.


Herbert Marks captures it well: It is rather in his descriptive powers.

Whereas Joel speaks of the horse of the chariot, Nahum focuses on the rumbling of the chariot wheels. His order for the repair of the Temple in B. Although numerous conjectures have been put forward, none has proved to be entirely satisfactory.

Accordingly, Ashurbanipal could increasingly turn his attention to such internal matters as great building projects, religious pursuits, and the cultivation of the Assyrian beaux arts and belles lettres.

Nahum Chapter 2 Explained

Stand, stand, [shall they cry]; but none shall look back. Armerding points this out as one of many texts that show a literary interdependence between the two prophets. Rather, they were nothing less than the message given to him by the sovereign God whose Word he must deliver, however difficult it might be. The evidence of His presence and blessings consisted in the fruitfulness of the vine. New American Standard The chariots race madly in the streets, They rush cherriog in the squares, Their appearance is like torches, They dash to and fro like lightning flashes.


He urged Gehazi to accept them, and then tied up the two talents of silver in two bags, with two sets of clothing.

Although the promise to Judah was constructed with a 2d fem. They flash like torches and dart about like lightning. Silver chegriot gold often appear as set pairs to express wealth or booty Gen. Because of his wickedness, the nation of Judah was doomed to divine judgment 2 Kings For his excellent discussion, see pp.

Young’s Literal Translation In out-places shine do the chariots, Nahzm go to and fro in broad places, Their appearances are like torches, As lightnings they run. Perhaps these data are to be received as representing the true intent of the prophecy.

Ancient sources suggest that Ashurbanipal himself grew indolent and degenerate. Cathcart calls attention to the play on the consonants d and q in the second half of the verse.