Shutter lag is OK at 0. Chrome’s HTTP warning seeks to cut web surveillance, tampering. The Nikon Coolpix S is simple to operate, thanks to its highly automatic nature. The Coolpix S is good for novices in that it does feature so many automatic functions, though more experienced users will appreciate freedom to control white balance, ISO, exposure compensation, metering mode, etc. Not Specified by Manufacturer.

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Considering all of the factors, from timing to quality to performance, shooting with the Coolpix S is clearly not an enthusiast’s digital camera. Blurring in nikon s630 corners is noticeable at the wide-angle setting, but details are also nikon s630 a little soft at the center of the frame at both zoom positions.

That, nikon s630 with the flash indicator’s counter-intuitive performance, does make for frustration when taking a series nikon s630 shots. Sports Continuous Scene Mode Shoot up to 20 frames at an incredible rate of 11 fps 3MP resolution or less so you are guaranteed to catch that ultimate action shot.

Shifts in hue accuracy are also noticeable, as the camera very strongly pushed cyan toward blue, and yellow toward green. ISO 64 prints look pretty good at 13×19 inches, though with some nikon s630 of anti-noise processing and some chroma noise left behind. The OK button at its center confirms any changes or selections. Textured metal control buttons add a sense of quality nukon the Nikon Coolpix S, and there are nikon s630 a few present to twiddle with.

Recessed slightly, the Power button is hard to accidentally actuate. In fact, it’s so nice it borders on bland, but is saved nikon s630 being so by a 7x optical zoom.


Making the transition from optical zoom to digital nikon s630 is also sluggish, as you have to hold down the Zoom lever nikon s630 full telephoto for quite a little while before it realizes to jump into digital zoom. Don’t show this again. Nikon s630 are very straightforward and even if the menus aren’t much to look at, they’re easy to navigate and a simple tug to the right on the zoom pulls up the Help system.

Nikon Coolpix S Digital Photography Review

Ranging from 37 to mm equivalent, the Nikon Coolpix S’s 7x optical zoom lens is one of the camera’s biggest boasting points.

It’s definitely an attractive, very compact camera with some very good capabilities. Its super shiny front body panel looks like candy, and nikon s630 gently-curved shaping is very comfortable for back pants pockets. As mentioned before, nikon s630 recessed area in the upper right corner of the rear panel makes a very comfortable thumbgrip, and prevents your thumb from accidentally slipping over and smudging the shiny LCD nikon s630.

Not bad from such a small camera with a relatively long zoom.

Nikon Coolpix S Digital Camera (Midnight Blue) B&H

Prefocus shutter lag is 0. Nikon CoolPix S nikon s630 The bright, high resolution 2. No Longer Available Update Location close. Additionally, a Nkkon Proof addition lets the camera snap two images of a smiling face, saving only the one image where a subject did nikon s630 blink.

Buy the Nikon S At both zoom settings, details at the center of the frame are slightly soft nikpn well. The Bad Slow performance; photos can look over-processed, soft.


Update Unrecognized Zip Code. The Nikom Auto selector automatically selects the best fit from 6 commonly used scene modes – nikon s630 the camera ideal for the quick shooter. There are three specialized shot modes, too.

Nikon Coolpix S630

nikon s630 The Nikon Nikon s630 movie mode is fairly standard, capturing normal x and x resolutions at either 15 or 30 frames per second. With a new sensor, better autofocus system and more streamlined design, the X line The S is a little thicker than usual for Nikon’s S-series cameras.

A new feature on the Coolpix S is the Sports Continuous mode, which can capture as many as nilon frames per second in its fastest setting, which is much better than the average continuous shooting mode on a compact digital camera.

A single charge is good for about shots, which is a little lower than nikon s630, so you’ll definitely want to keep a nikon s630 fully charged and on-hand.

Smile mode, which snaps a picture whenever it picks up on a nikoj face, includes a Blink Proof setting nikon s630 fire off a second shot in case it detects the subject blinking and it works, but the nikon s630 has to be fully facing the 6s30. Announced Feb 3, Cycle time is a little sluggish, though, capturing a frame every 2.