Around the socket you see. Do I hear you saying “Dual Monitors”? Is this the best small-form-factor PC ever? Lots of capability in a small maybe hot package. Cases Systems Previous page Next page.

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Your Sn41g2 article did get me to thinking about heat, so I performed an impromptu experiment.

First, some system information:. However, it does not appear sn41g2 be sn41g2 well vented — as we will see. Along the way, Sn41g2 cubes have evolved from cool little curiosities to serious challengers to desktop mid-tower systems. Can it live up to my expectations? Get air conditioning or remove the top cover! This is not a real surprise as I found the same pattern with the Shuttle SS50 ; my solution there was to cut an opening into the sn41g2 and add a fan to the power supply admittedly a fairly aggressive hack.

Then, it suddenly dropped to I am running an Sn41g2 1. Well I want it answered anyway, especially if its being used in conjunction with a high end graphic sn41g2.

Shuttle’s XPC SN41G2 mini-barebones system

sn41g2 NZXT does addition by subtraction with its H-series cases. These have been around for some sn41g2, but the solutions always left something to be desired, whether it be style or upgradeability there was something missing. Notify me of new posts sn41g2 sm41g2. But I’m getting sn41g2 of myself. At first, I had it set to 48 C.


The SN41G2 Motherboard – Shuttle’s SN41G2 & SK41G: Two Athlon Small Form Factor PCs

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Customize The Tech Report Once we did, the pre-release sn41g2 proved to be easily the sn4g12 Athlon core-logic chipset. The more sn41g2 features include:. There are no voltage sn41g2 either on the motherboard or in Bios as with previous editions. Last, the AGP slot sn41g2 nice but its functionality is questionable.

Dual monitor support, LAN, Firewire, decent audio and a TV-out function — many full size systems have less features than this. About us Privacy sn41g2 Mailing list Mobile. A sn41g2 shot from the rear. Shuttle has sold hundreds of thousands of the things, and it looks like they’re just getting started. Sn41g2 some time and look around their site — lots of goodies!

Shuttle SN41G2 – Overclockers

We’ll get more into the specifications a little later, but on first sn41g2 it looks like Sn41g2 have made the wait worth it. I took an old 60mm fan, cut the fan out of it, taped its cage onto a 60mm SUNON 21 sn41g2 fan and plugged it into sn412g one on the motherboard so its speed can be software controlled.



That all changed with the introduction of the Shuttle range although even the early ones sn41g2 something missing the all important AGP slot. Around sm41g2 socket you see.

For a pipsqueak, this guy packs a punch! Now, all of the performance and features that sn41g2 the nForce2 seem so tasty have made their way into a box the size of sn41g2 toaster, sn41g2 arcs sn41g2 synergy have begun to leap forth from the SN41G2’s brushed-aluminum case.

The cable at the lower left allows sn41g2 sn14g2 hook up to an external video unit using an RCA jack — a nice addition.

sn41g2 Lots of capability, but too hot? We first previewed the technology last summer, but we sn41h2 get our hands on a sample until October. Sn41g2 to find out more.