I figure this will enable me to record tracks for my album. I was reading about the on NCIX’s website becasue I’m thinking of buying one and someone was saying that the Windows audio mixer can’t control it’s volume like a regular soundcard. John replied on January 10, I have tried the Vista drivers, and no cigar. In reply to John’s post on December 30, First, posting on an old 5 year old post is not the way to get help on this forum.

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Is this going to be a problemo? The generic drivers provided by Microsoft do not provide maximum functionality. Yes No Sorry soundmax generic didn’t help.

Is my generic Soundmax Soundcard adequate for recording???

soundmax generic I believe that your proposal is intended to restore the SoundMax driver to the affected computer, using soundmax generic from the computer than has working audio. Best Regards, Jim Roseberry jim studiocat. I’ve looked on asus for an update and nothing.

It soundmax generic soindmax own soundmax generic control mixer – why do you need to use windows control mixer? Recall that this problem began with the update to Windows version In the meantime, I’ll finish writing and rehearsing since I can’t record til I’m done anyway.


I’ve used this setup to do guest solo’s on other artists CD’s.

SoundMax audio drivers. – Dell Community

InspironWireless and Audio stopped working. Please Dell, release a Windows 7 compatible driver. The new Soundmax generic Audio drivers assume the automatic sensing is available and the drivers are set up for that.

InspironWireless and Audio stopped working. Second, all that is not needed and does nothing for someone to try and help you. Each sound card will have it’s own software mixer. Since I’m so very short on funds, the soundcard and monitors will have to wait soundmax generic while. Soundmax generic onboard soundcards are always crap.

soundmax generic These are no longer supported by either Lenovo or ADI so with the advent of Windows 10, they stopped working. I have a number of Ibm Z pro and they use pretty much the same soundmax generic chipset. So, does this mean that the soundmax generic “slider” in stuff like Media Player 11 or Media Center won’t do anything either?

Sorry this didn’t help. I was reading about the on NCIX’s website becasue I’m thinking of buying one and someone was saying that the Windows soundmax generic mixer can’t control it’s volume soundmax generic a regular soundcard. Maybe things have changed in Vista?


The affected computer searched the DriverStore on the USB drive and reported “The best drivers for your device are already installed. There is a Gaming section on the forum and you may want to repost there since it’s really a gaming issue.

Beagle Max Output Level: Memorare debut album ‘Philistine’ available now http: When you install the driver you will get a new icon in your system tray bottom right corner of the screen called the Delta Mixer. Same way with the 64 bit. Great bang for the buck. How can I do this? I believe that the SoundMax driver was removed soundmax generic it is incompatible with Version In reply to John’s post on January 10, What I did do was install the soundmax generic xp drivers.

Ya, go for a good, cheap audio card.