This section describes the steps involved: The following example demonstrates this. Sup port for classes in the java. It returns true if the database is valid, or false if the database is in an invalid state, such as due to system or application failure. Set ting temporary passthrough level with the ttOptSetFlag built-in procedure TimesTen provides the ttOptSetFlag built-in procedure for setting various flags, including the PassThrough flag to temporarily set the passthrough level. TimesTen JDBC support for automatic client failover provides two mechanisms for detecting a failover:.

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You can use the TimesTenVendorCode interface to detect the errors by their name, rather than their number. This enables a TimesTen extension that establishes prefetch on timesten jdbc connection level so that all of the statements on the connection use the same prefetch setting. This class is used to represent events that occur during a client failover: First timesten jdbc attributes are timesten jdbc when the database is first loaded, and persist for all connections. After you have successfully executed the TimesTen Java demos, your development environment is set up timesten jdbc and ready for you to create timesten jdbc that access a database.

Provides capabilities such as prefetching rows to improve performance, listening to events for automatic client failover, setting the track number for parallel replication schemes where you specify replication tracks, and checking database validity.

Managing TimesTen data This section provides detailed information on working with data in a TimesTen database. JDBC support for automatic client failover Automatic client failover is for use in High Availability scenarios with a TimesTen active standby pair replication configuration. This step is not required with Java 6. Because Java strings are immutable, getString must allocate space for a new string each time it is called.


TimesTenDataSource (Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database JDBC Extensions Java API Reference)

TimesTen supports the following types of parallel timesten jdbc Configure the Java environment. During that time the timeout value is ignored. A timeout does not occur during the commit or rollback phase of an operation. You can specify the number timesten jdbc rows to be prefetched as follows.

Connect to an Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database using Java and JDBC

Timesten jdbc connection must also be opened, which is not shown. Set ting a timeout value for SQL statements In TimesTen timesten jdbc can set the SqlQueryTimeout general connection attribute to specify the jbc period in seconds for any connection, and hence any statement.

Timesten jdbc capabilities for specifying a query threshold. Remove the client failover listener instance. After you have created a DSN, the application can connect to the database.

This is the standard method as specified in the CallableStatement interface: TimesTenConnection provides the timesten jdbc method for this. Example Setting a prefetch count The following code uses a setTtPrefetchCount call jebc set the prefetch count to 10, then uses a getTtPrefetchCount timesten jdbc to return the prefetch count in the count variable.

An associative array is a set of key-value pairs. Returns a RowId object in Java 6.

Insert into Orace TimesTen In Memory DataBase |JBoss Developer

When you are finished accessing the database, call the Connection method close to close the connection to the database. The application timesten jdbc timestej value only for each unique parameter, and timesten jdbc unique parameter can be left unbound.


See the level1 demo for an example on how to use the DriverManager method getConnectionand the level2 and level3 demos for examples of using the TimesTenDataSource method getConnection.

This method prints out the content of all warning in the linked SQLWarning objects. If no checkpoint or transaction log files exist and the AutoCreate attribute is set, TimesTen creates an empty database. Managing TimesTen database con timesten jdbc The timesten jdbc of DSN you create depends on whether your application connects directly to the database or connects by a client.

PooledConnection or connection rimesten data sources javax. When parameter position numbers are assigned, a number is given to each parameter occurrence timesten jdbc regard to name duplication.

Maximum number of elements in the associative array timesten jdbc TimesTen must be same as curLen. This section discusses how to check for, identify, and handle errors in a TimesTen Java application.

Rol ling back failed transactions In some situations, such as recovering from a timesten jdbc or timeout condition, you may want to explicitly roll back the transaction using the Connection method rollbackas in the following example. Timesten jdbc objects are not scrollable or updatable, so you cannot specify ResultSet.