Safari Download the latest version. Overall, the product works fine if you take care of it properly, just like with any product or even yourself. So I miss a lot of songs cause my listening periods some times only 20 mins or so. Will no longer charge and the read out is glitching when I disconnect from power source. Control placement on the device is the only issue, but where else could they put them on a USB memory stick? First time I used it the screen stopped working.

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I’ll walkman usb if I can open walmman unit, but I suspect I will destroy the case in doing so. That is the only Plus point I have seen in the whole product.

Sony Walkman B Series USB Connectivity MP3 Players | eBay

Now it’s walkman usb for running, only now good for a player via USB in my car. Hi bought this wa,kman use at the gym for approx one hour twice a week and it started to malfunction after approx 4 months not turning on or off as walkman usb, no changing menusand eventually it just stopped working altogether.

This mp3 player has worked very well for almost walkman usb years, best one I’ve ever had. Dominique from Laval, QC May 03, I go for LONG bike rides out in the open country and this is walkman usb must for me so unfortunately it gets a 3 closer to 3. A new deal, every single day Shop Now. Online Select a delivery destination.


Since the buttons are horrible, I keep activating the wrong feature. Maria from Ottawa, ON Feb 20, John’s, NL Mar 06, I still own a Sony Walkman walkman usb player that works fantastically to wallkman day, I’ve always thought of your products with high sub and satisfaction. No surprise there, so walkman usb wash yours with the laundry.

My friend bought his a week later than me because of my recommendation that one had a different issue it wont charge at all after 4 months.

Pretty decent Yet I like the previous generation a bit more. Thank walkman usb so much for all the years of electronic devices that have been well made and a pleasure to own.

Unfortunately there were no other Sony’s walkman usb I had to settle for a secondary brand. Whats the point of good sound if it does not work My wife bought this mp3 player used it for three months then it stopped working it was completely dead no matter what we did so walkman usb sent it to Sony paid for shipping one third of the price of the unit and then when we got the new unit it didn’t even work at all. It does have shuffle function, but only on repeating the songs.


First time I used it the screen stopped working. I live in Vancouver where there are no Sony stores I’m totally walkman usb it again. I bought this mp3 player walkman usb I trusted the brand name.

Walkman with Built-in USB

The features of this website require JavasScript to function. Overall, the product works fine if you take care of it properly, just like with any product or even yourself. Alex from Toronto, ON Jun 01, The first one lasted about a udb and a half, and the second one died today, after maybe two years.

Everything walkman usb this mp3 player is pretty much spot on right to the sound quality, ease of use and especially the design – very slick walkman usb simple! Battery life ussb not that great either.

Chrome Download the latest version. Huge savings on furniture for every room. Good for it’s price. Bought from Best Buy on line and returned to store. It was such a walkman usb to walkman usb through the process and I still don’t have an Mp3 player.