• 20 December 2020
    • Английский язык
    • Автор: Major777rrk

    Упражнение 1
    Перепишите предложения и заполните пропуски модальными глаголами can, may или must.

    1. What ... we see on this map? 2. … you speak Spanish? — No, unfortunately I ... . 3. At what time... you come to school? 4. … I have it? 5. You ... not smoke here. 6. ... I take your book? — I am afraid not: I need it. 7. Не... not speak English yet. 8. I have very little time: I ... go. 9. They ... not go to the park today because they are busy. 10. You ... read this text: it is easy enough. 11. She ... still live in Paris. 12. Не is busy. Не... be writing а book about his travels. 13. But he is happy. Не... enjoy life. 14. Му friend Danielle isn't а famous artist. But she ... even paint Russian icons. I ... only admire her beautiful pictures. She ... be а woman of great talents. She ... speak German, French and English. She ... translate а lot of articles for the Museum of her native town in Switzerland. She ... also teach these languages at school. She is fantastic. I am fascinated by everything that she does. She always gives the impression of being someone you ... trust.

    • 20 December 2020
    • Ответ оставил: alexander09112006

    1. Can,

    2. Can, cannot,

    3. Must,

    4. May,

    5. Must,

    6. May,

    7. Can,

    8. Must,

    9. Can,

    10. Can,

    11. Must,

    12. Must,

    13. Can,

    14. Can, may, must, can, can, must, may.

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